Special Replay

Did you miss the live event on May 17th 2012? For a limited time I am offering a special replay of one of the EMS Web Summit sessions.

This carefully selected session focuses on Geriatric patients and was delivered by Rommie Duckworth. He gave a great 30 minute presentation on this topic and I think this is one you won’t want to miss. Here is is the lowdown:

The Silent Majority: Geriatrics in the New Millennium

The proportion of the elderly in America is greater today than ever before and is growing even larger. What’s more, the elderly tend to be our sickest and most challenging patients. What signs and symptoms may indicate common disease processes, the normal signs of aging or special needs of the geriatric patient? Students will learn:

  •  The importance of an especially thorough assessment on geriatric patients.
  •  Differentiation between normal signs of aging and disease processes.
  •  The impact of psychosocial issues on medical conditions.
  •  Why geriatric patients present common medical conditions in unusual ways.

If you want to watch this video simply enter your details below and I will send you the special replay link for this session. There are no strings attached and it is 100% free just for submitting your request below.


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